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Read Urdu news online and live from PNI portal. We are providing authentic Urdu breaking news 24/7. Our English news digital paper covers all major Urdu updates for example, Lahore news, Karachi news, Islamabad news as well as international updates. There are various portals and sources for news nowadays.

But Pakistan News International (PNI) is the only forum that reports all Urdu & English news based on facts, which include fresh stories, international updates and most importantly timely reporting.

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Pakistan News International (PNI) is a news portal with the legacy of last thirty years in the field of journalism. The entire forum is being run by the team of experts, headed by respectable Mr. Zafar Mehmood Malik (CEO & Chief Editor at PNI) a well renowned name in Pakistani media. He shaped this idea of digitized news publishing at keeping in view the changing trends and requirements of the people all over the world. Urdu news at PNI is a big hit because all the news are 100% authentic and are reported at the right time.

Reasons for the popularity of PNI is because it is a user friendly portal. You are available with various options of reading news. With very simple and understandable language our team makes sure that entire content uploaded is easily legible and even a lay man can comprehend our news. Moreover, the segregation of news segments also makes it real easy for you to land directly on your desired page. Last but not the least, this is not just a news portal, but a brand name you can trust. We know that how important it is nowadays to stay updated with all the ongoing events and news of country. If you want to see fashion, entertainment or sports news in Urdu, all the sections are available exclusively in simple Urdu language.

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Get your latest city updates in Urdu by PNI official website. Our news portal incorporates all updated news regarding your city. PNI is a complete solution provider if you want to stay updated. Our portal is updated every minute with the latest news. This is the only news channel that makes sure that you stay updated with all the events around. Moreover, PNI also knows that Pakistani people residing abroad are always keen to know about news in Pakistan. Our efficient news portal is the best option for all. In addition to above all the International Urdu News are also updated every minute.

The coverage of our Urdu & English newspaper is all over Pakistan and around the globe. This is the developing paper which gives helpful information about Urdu & English news occupations. Notwithstanding, this is the best news network which not just gives political and general news, but you can likewise peruse sports news, showbiz news, Islamic news and a lot more.

We can say that this Urdu & English newspaper is the finished center point for all Urdu talking individuals and for individuals who need to peruse Urdu columns. As far as you might be concerned is hard for some individuals to comprehend the paper in the English language, yet this  newspaper make it simple for you.

Each article is written in easy and simple Urdu which is straightforward by each Pakistan. Moreover, it has modern and helpful data about business Urdu news.

Visit our website now and get the latest Urdu news from our portal. In addition to it, our entire news section is divided into various categories i-e

Keeping in view the current scenario, most of the people round the globe are also using social platforms for latest news. That is why our active team is also updating our social pages of Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

All these aforementioned pages are also updated 24/7. There is a separate team engaged in continuous update of all the content online. When it comes to News, Latest Urdu News,  News , Pakistan News International is the No.1 choice. urdu news live

Now you have the best source of latest Urdu news on our platform. Now our organization has been publishing Urdu news for the last one year and its constant authenticity has enabled it to be trusted and has become a digital news channel and our organization publishes news on a daily basis and You can read different types of news daily. It is also a trusted organization of Pakistan News International which is publishing news not only in Urdu but also in English and different languages. urdu news pakistan

Everyone is always up to date with the news. In this case, everyone searches for news from social media, print media and many other websites to stay updated. Some time ago, news was received only from newspapers and other old sources. Digital newspapers, TV news, radio and social media are the best source of latest Urdu news for you. The latest news is claimed on every website. Pakistani language is Urdu, majority understand this language, read and write this language, that is why everyone likes Urdu news site.
Therefore, everyone preferred news over English news. Everyone has a smartphone and get the latest news with just one click with your smartphone. All information is very easy to access and there is no burden on mobile packages.