One dies, 168 new Covid cases reported: NHA

ISLAMABAD 23 Mar (Online): In last 24-hour one death reported due to Covid-19, whereas 23 patients are in critical and 168 new corona cases reported, National Health Authority (NHA) said on Thursday. According to the issued statistics, 5557people went under corona testing from which 168 […]

Vietnam raises dengue alert

HANOI, March 21 (Xinhua/APP): Vietnam has raised concerns over the spread of dengue fever after the health ministry saw a jump in the number of cases, local media reported on Tuesday. The number of dengue fever cases in Vietnam in the first two months this […]

AFD pledges $55 mln to support Pakistan’s Polio Program

ISLAMABAD, Mar 19 (APP): French Development Agency (AFD) has pledged $55 million to help support Pakistan’s Polio Programme operations, in efforts to interrupt poliovirus transmission. With this the French Development Agency (AFD) has become part of global polio eradication partners with its commitment to filling […]

Vaccination Could Reduce Risk Of Long COVID, Study Shows

ISLAMABD, 05 Mar (Online): After studying thousands of people’s symptoms post-COVID-19, researchers have found that getting vaccinated could potentially reduce the risk of long COVID. The new study – which looked at patients 3 months after their COVID-19 infections across pre-Delta, Delta, and Omicron variants […]

What can I do to make my cough go away?

ISLAMABAD, Feb 23 (Online): The best treatment for a cough will depend on its underlying cause. A number of home remedies may help, such as honey and saltwater gargles. If home remedies do not help, over-the-counter and prescription medications are available. Overview Share on Some […]