Deosai – The Roof of Earth: By Sultan Shoaib

GILGIT BALTISTAN, Sep 17 (APP):Amidst tall peaks and lush green valleys, lies down the Deosai plain, yet another jewel in the crown of Gilgit-Baltistan, adding to the memorable beauty of Northern Areas. Also known as the Deosai National Park, it is a high-altitude plateau situated […]

What is making 2023 likely the hottest year recorded?

Paris, July 18 (AFP/APP): Human-made climate change is supercharging natural weather phenomena to drive heatwaves roasting Asia, Europe and North America that could make 2023 the hottest year since records began, scientists say. Here experts explain how 2023 has got so hot, warning these record […]

Fashion Jobs in France

Fashion Designer: Fashion designers create the clothing and accessories that we wear. They work with a team of other designers, pattern makers, and seamstresses to bring their vision to life. The average salary for a fashion designer in France is €45,000 per year. Fashion Designer […]