Kenyan scientists sound alarm over threats to flamingos

NAIROBI, May 21 (Xinhua/APP): The human and climate induced threats to flamingos which inhabit Kenya’s alkaline Rift Valley lakes have mounted, hence diminishing the migratory birds’ population, local officials and scientists have said. Caroline Mwebia, the deputy park warden at Lake Nakuru National Park, said […]

Cars swapping vroom for volts in London garage

London, May 20 (AFP/APP): Tucked away in a workshop under a London Underground line, cars are undergoing a green metamorphosis as they shed their cylinders, spark plugs and pistons for electric engines. “We don’t create the associated CO2 that comes from creating a new car […]

India, Pakistan must brace for even worse heatwaves

Paris, May 6 (AFP/APP): The devastating heatwave that gripped India and Pakistan over the last two months is unprecedented, but worse — perhaps far worse — is on the horizon as climate change continues apace, top climate scientists told AFP. Even without additional global warming […]