King Charles condemns terror attack in Pakistan

Islamabad, Feb 2 (Online): King Charles has condemned a bomb attack in Pakistan which killed more than 100 people.

Charles sent his condolences to the country’s president Dr Arif Alvi, expressing his shock at the “incomprehensible brutality” and said the people of Pakistan were in his thoughts and prayers.

A suicide bomber disguised in police uniform targeted a mosque in north-west Pakistan on Monday in the capital of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

The attack, which killed 101 people and injured 225, is one of the deadliest to happen in Peshawar.

Charles wrote: “My wife and I were profoundly shocked by the dreadful bomb attack in Peshawar on Monday.

“Such acts of incomprehensible brutality, wherever they occur, are a barbaric assault on our shared humanity and our values of understanding and compassion.”

He added: “It is all the more horrific that the victims were in a place of worship during afternoon prayers.

“We feel most deeply for all those who have been so cruelly bereaved and injured.

“We recall our visit to Pakistan in 2006 with the greatest fondness, and will hold the people of Pakistan in our special thoughts and prayers as you mourn those you have lost.”

The message was signed Charles R.