Gen (Retd) Bajwa mistreated in France

PARIS, June 05 (Online): An incident of maltreatment has taken place with former army chief Gen (Retd) Qamar Javed Bajwa and his wife abroad.
The unidentified man who is involved in mistreatment was apparently Afghan.

According to media reports it can be seen from video which went viral on social media that former army chief is sitting with his wife outside a building in foreign country. It is being said that he is with his wife in France.

In the meantime a man gets close to him while making video.
Gen (Retd) Qamar Bajwa says I am not army chief.

The former army chief while stopping this man from making video says ” don’t make video. I just call police.

The man says ” call in police. Then he starts hurling abuses.

Upon it former army chief ignores this man and he remains engaged in talks with his wife.

However the man says in Pashto language “look at him he is army chief of Pakistan. Who is sitting with him is her wife. They are sitting in front of church.

Afghan said there is police after me. Had the police not been here I was to subject him to torture. But police is after me.

This man also said “look he does not speak now. His wife said to him not to speak, therefore, he is sitting silent.