Mansehra: Woman killed in bear attack

MANSEHRA (PNI) A mother of three was killed by a bear in the Jugan area of Balakot tehsil on Thursday.

Razia Bibi, 25, was attacked by a black bear while collecting firewood in a nearby jungle. She suffered severe injuries and died on the way to the civil hospital in Balakot.

Her relatives and other Jugan residents protested on the main Balakot road, demanding an FIR against the wildlife department. Her husband, Mohammad Jamil, warned of further protests if a case was not registered, attributing the high incidence of wild animal attacks to the negligence of wildlife department officials.

Mr. Jamil emphasized that people, especially women and children, were at risk of attacks by bears and other wild animals.

The protesters later met with Balakot Deputy Superintendent of Police Mohammad Farooq, demanding an FIR against the wildlife department. The DSP said that the assistant commissioner had formed a committee, led by the divisional wildlife officer, to investigate the incident.

“If anyone is found negligent, punitive action will be taken,” he stated.

In a separate incident, a pickup vehicle fell into a ravine in the Sarni area, killing a small girl and injuring six travelers. Locals transported the body and the injured to a nearby health facility.