WIPO to launch mentorship program on Wednesday

ISLAMABAD, Jun 24 (APP): The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will launch its mentorship programme on Wednesday (June 26) for copyright management organizations in Pakistan.

The programme would be launched at a two day event scheduled on June 26 and 27 in Lahore, according to press release issued by IPO Pakistan.
The event will launch in collaboration with the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO Pakistan), the Japan Copyright Office (JCO), and the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan.

The launching event is expected to bring together local and international experts to share best practices, knowledge, and experiences in copyright management, fostering a robust and sustainable copyright ecosystem in Pakistan.

The mentorship program aims at enhancing the capacity of copyright management organizations in Pakistan, promoting the protection and utilization of intellectual property rights in the country.
WIPO, IPO Pakistan, JCO, and the Agency for Cultural Affairs are committed to promoting intellectual property rights and cultural preservation.