Viral infections on rise due to changing weather: Dr Zia Hassan

ISLAMABAD, Mar 27 (APP): The change in weather is causing flu, cough and fever and other respiratory diseases among people especially children in the twin cities.

Talking to a private news channel, Dr Zia Hassan said instructions were being issued to people including to protect themselves from cold and wear warm clothes, besides drinking soup and coffee to keep them warm.

Informing about a viral infection that was spreading rapidly, he urged parents not to send sick children to schools so that other children could be protected from contracting the infection.

Dr Zia shared that currently, there was a lot of pollution in the atmosphere and asked the citizens to take care of their health and use masks regularly.

He said that there had been an extraordinary increase in the number of patients in the OPDs, including children, the elderly, youth and women.

In the OPDs, he said patients were being advised to sit at a distance and wear masks to prevent the spread of viral infections.

Dr Zia said that patients were also being instructed to use medicines regularly and take precautionary measures.