Why Hassan Abid deleted his Tiktok account?

ISLAMABAD – January 29 (ONLINE) Tiktoker Hassan Abid, who had millions of followers on social media, has recently deleted his tiktok account.

Having a total of 254 k Instagram followers, the tiktoker recently left making TikToks and deleted all his account.

“This is what really affected my life and guided me to the right path (shared a motivational video). For all of you, as a viewer, this might be sudden but I have been thinking about this for a long time,” Abid wrote in a social media post, revealing the reason behind this step.

This is called Jariyah Gunnah like whenever I die and left all this stuff behind than this will cause increase in my punishment and thats why I am requesting you all to delete all my videos plz. And I hope you guys will understand and learn from all this. This is why I left all social media platforms because I am the reason which makes you all hear the songs and also make you sinner by listening to it and which leads to the increase in my sins too. I deleted my accounts with a lot of followers, I regret nothing and will never regret, you should also not be having any problem that’s why I am requesting you all to delete all of my videos,” he added.