Real Reason Behind Shirazi Qutting Vlogging

ISLAMABAD, May 21 (Online): Shiraz and Muskan are the sibling duo everyone loves. They became viral after Shiraz made a Vlog in his hometown and it was widely shared by evveryone on social media including anchor Imran Riaz Khan who shared it with his massive followers on Twitter as he found it cute. Shiraz has made several other Vlogs since and people are loving their journey. Now suddenly everyone was shocked when Shiraz announced that his dad had asked him to stop Vlogging.

Shiraz and Muskan’s father had later on revealed that he was noticing that Shiraz is losing his innocence and kindness and turning into a public persona so he wanted him to have some time off Vlogging and adjust to his fame. Shiraz’ family has been very particular about his values and that shows in his Vlogs and the way he speaks.

Now, another issue that the channel is facing has come up and this could be the reason behind stopping regular Vlogs. The channel Shirazi Village Vlogs has been restricted by YouTube to Made For Kids thus the channel’s reach has been restricted and so has the ads revenue. This is why they will have to add some adults to the videos to get their channel removed from that category. Now, Shiraz’s father may also be seen with him in Vlogs.