Falak Shabir Reveals Sarah Khan’s Fears before Marrying Him

LAHORE, Jan 30 (Online): We have many celebrity couples in the industry whom people love to watch on screen and off screen and appreciate. One young couple who became a fan favourite as soon as they debuted their engagement which itself was a dreamy affair were Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir. The two have had a fairy tale romance and they are definitely couple goals for many with their romance, respect and Falak’s rose gifting skills.

The duo was guests on The Mirza Malik Show and Falak Shabir shared some conversations they had before they got married. Falak got real and talked about questions Sarah had and fears she was going through before committing to him.

Falak shared that though everything was so positive between them, Sarah Khan wanted to know if he will stop her from working after marriage and it was her only fear. Falak said that he assured her that he will never do that and said that men need to uplift and support women specially when Sarah had done so much and was such a big name and people loved her. And as the world saw Falak has always been super supportive.