Hazara Waterfalls drowning incident claims lives of two young lads

ABBOTTABAD, Jun 22 (APP):Two more young lads Saturday lost lives at the Hazara Waterfalls in Jab Valley while swimming.
According to details, two days ago, DC Haripur imposed a ban under section 144 against swimming and bathing in the rivers, streams and ponds of the district. Despite the ban five people had lost their lives at various places in the districts.
Two young friends hailed from Haripur city identified as Waji Shah and Ahmed Raza, drowned in the extremely dangerous and deep water known as Hazara Waterfall in the Jab Valley of Khanpur Tehsil.
The help and rescue team of the local people, led by Khanpur Police Outpost Pandemonium in-charge ASI Shahzad Khan, immediately reached the spot. After a tiring rescue operation of several hours the dead bodies were recovered from the water.
The Hazara Waterfalls, known for their scenic beauty, have been attracting visitors despite their dangerous terrain.  The absence of safety precautions along the waterfall’s track has been a longstanding concern.
Despite repeated appeals from locals and civic organizations, including a recent initiative led by Hassan Nisar, Founder and CEO of Metrix Pakistan, the government has failed to take concrete steps.
Nisar had penned a letter to Zahid Chanzeb, Advisor to the Chief Minister on Culture, Tourism, Archeology, and Museums, on May 27, emphasizing the urgent need for safety improvements. However, the lack of response has left many frustrated and concerned.
During the recent Eid celebrations, the Hazara Waterfalls witnessed thousands of tourists, highlighting the need for swift and decisive action to prevent such tragedies in the future.