Interference of establishment in judiciary will soon come to end: CJ LHC

RAWALPINDI, June 14 (ONLINE): Chief Justice (CJ) Lahore High Court (LHC) Malik Shehzad Ahmad Khan has said establishment interference in judiciary will soon come to end.
“Different institutions are involved in the affairs of judiciary. The interference started from Moulvi Tameez ud Din case. Establishment interference in the matters of judiciary will soon come to end, he said this while addressing a ceremony here Friday.

He went on to say We together will have to get rid of interference in judiciary. Our judiciary is performing its obligations without fear or inducement.

He held ” during telephonic talk with a judge he told me all what happened with him. Judge said he does not fear. He will perform his duty honestly.

He remarked complaints have come regarding pressure on judges. Those who fear Allah don’t fear any blackmailing.

” I had come out from my home alone for the sake of justice system in 2007, he added.

There is general complaint that judges don’t sit in courts on time. We have brought biometric system in Punjab for the attendance of judges. Action will be taken against the judges who don’t reach courts on time.

He underlined there are black sheep every where. Some judges get do their work by readers and go home after sipping tea. CCTVs have been installed in court rooms to see the presence of judges.