IHC suspends EC decision on appointment of retired judges in election tribunal

ISLAMABAD, June 24 (Online): Islamabad High Court (IHC) has suspended Election Commission (EC) decision regarding appointment of retired judges in Election Tribunal (ET).

The court while issuing contempt of court notice to Anjam Aqeel Khan MNA has sought reply from him within 7 days.

The petition filed against appointment of retired judges in ET came up for hearing before Chief Justice (CJ) IHC Aamir Farooq Monday.

The court inquired where is Attorney General (AG).

Additional Attorney General (AAG) told the court AG is engaged in full court of Supreme Court (SC).

The CJ inquired what heaven had fallen that that you promulgated ordinance over night. We do so that we abolish parliament. President should run the country through ordinances. This law has been taken from UK. Has it ever been seen there that ordinance was passed. You people have built the factory of ordinances.

The court while issuing notice on miscellaneous petition of Ali Bokhari counsel for PTI suspended June 10 decision of Election Commission (EC) for appointment of retired judges in ET.

The CJ IHC remarked EC should tell how the judge was partial.

The court inquired from Anjam Aqeel had he filed any application in EC. Had he filed any affidavit in EC that what is written in here is true.

The court while directing Anjam Aqeel to read the affidavit filed by him in EC remarked ” you have to make us understand what is nepotism. Make me understand the meaning of this word.

Anjam Aqeel replied these are legal words. I tender unconditional apology to court.

The CJ IHC remarked nepotism is not legal word at all. You signed affidavit without reading it.

Anjam Aqeel replied yes I signed affidavit without reading it.

The court inquired you have filed application that the judge Sahb was partial. Then how he was partial. Why you filed application when you don’t know what is nepotism and partial.

Anjam Aqeel replied I filed application in EC for shifting the case.

The CJ IHC inquired you filed the petition for the reason that Judge Sahb does not accept any favor. You are parliamentarian. You have to give opinion in budget. You have to legislate or you have to say there you don’t know about budget and it is domain of finance ministry. Ok it does not matter that you are not finance expert. Then what have you to do.

Anjam Aqeel MNA continued to apologize repeatedly .

The CJ IHC remarked you were to tell only this why you filed application. You deliberately filed petition in EC.
Anjam Aqeel replied he had not filed petition in EC intentionally.

The court inquired then tell us why you filed application. Explain it. You leveled allegation of partiality on judge then tell us what was partiality.

The counsel told the court Anjam Aqeel Khan is parliamentarian. The words can be harsh but no one leveled allegation of partiality against judge deliberately.

The court remarked the EC did not take suo motu. It issued order on a private application. The time is over when all the things were run this way. What is done in every court, I know all these things. Tell these things to those who have not done legal practice what you are talking about.

IHC while issuing contempt of court notice to Anjam A qeel Khan remarked Anjam Aqeel Khan could not explain about the allegations leveled against the judge. Tell us as to why the proceedings of contempt of court be not initiated against you.

The court while seeking reply to show cause notice within 7 days ordered that Anjam Aqeel Khan should appear in every hearing.

The hearing of the case was adjourned till July 9.