Swimming pools in Sargodha witness surge in visitors amid rising temperatures

SARGODHA, May 23 (APP):With temperatures soaring above 40 degrees Celsius in Sargodha and its suburban areas, residents are flocking to swimming pools in search of respite from the scorching heat. The surge in visitors, particularly among the youth, has turned swimming pools into popular hubs for recreational activities.

Most of the swimming pools are located outside the city, with only a handful situated within different urban areas. However, this hasn’t deterred the influx of people seeking relief from the sweltering weather.In response to the increased demand, swimming pool owners have adjusted their bathing charges, with fees now ranging from Rs 150 to 250 per person.
Muhammad Afaan Yasir, a local youth, while talking to APP on Thursday, emphasised the therapeutic value of swimming during hot weather, noting that it not only offers relief but also serves as a recreational outlet for spending time with friends.

Ali Hamza echoed similar sentiments, mentioning that he and his friends allocate part of their pocket money to cover the bathing fees. However, he lamented that not everyone among their circle can afford this expense.
For swimming pool proprietors like Ghulam Rasool, the summer months represent a critical period for earning revenue. Despite the substantial investment of over one million rupees in constructing the pools, they face the challenge of covering year-round expenses such as electricity bills and staff salaries within a limited operational window.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Abdullah, who operates a swimming pool under a contractual agreement, while talking to the news agency, highlighted the efforts made to ensure a comfortable and hygienic environment for visitors. These efforts include daily water replenishment, robust drainage systems, and amenities such as seating arrangements and clean drinking water.
In addition to standard fees, Muhammad Abdullah also introduced special discount packages for families and students, making the swimming pool experience more accessible to a wider demographic.
As the mercury continues to rise, swimming pools emerge not only as places of relief but also as vibrant centres of social activity for the community in Sargodha.