Sealing of Lal Haveli by ETPB: Case sent to court of Jawad Hassan

RAWALPINDI, SEP 22 (ONLINE): Justice Chaudhry Muhammad Iqbal of Lahore High Court (LHC) Rawalpindi bench has sent petition filed against sealing of Lal Haveli by Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) to the court of Justice Jawad Hassan.

The court remarked as Justice Jawad Hassan has already heard this case, possibility is there he will hear the petition in next week.

The court however issued notice to deputy administrator and deputy chairman of ETPB.

Sheikh Siddique, brother of Sheikh Rashid while making chairman ETPB as respondent through his counsel Sardar Abdul Razzaq and Sardar Shahbaz has taken plea that one petition of the petitioner regarding Lal Haveli is already pending hearing in the court. Upon it the court has sought parawise reply from ETPB.

It was right of the petitioner that he would have been provided proper opportunity. But deputy administrator along with heavy contingent of police and other institutions sealed Lal Haveli without any notice at 6 a.m on Thursday. The court by stopping it from taking any step for the sake of transparent trial had ordered to hear the stance of petitioner.

The petitioner came to know through electronic and social media that ETPB will initiate proceedings. Irreparable loss has been caused to petitioner due to this move of ETPB.

It has been said in the petition that the petitioner is registered owner of this property.

He requested through the petition Lal Haveli be de-sealed immediately and ETPB should refrain from ejecting the petitioner.