Mohsin Naqvi rejected the allegation of ill-treatment of women in jails

LAHORE, May 29 (Online): Caretaker Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Mohsin Naqvi has rejected the allegation of maltreatment of women in jails and said that protection of women is my responsibility.

While talking to media Mohsin Naqvi has said, all mother and sisters are ours.

Collectively 32 women were arrested and among those we have 11 women.

Such incidents of ill treatment of women in jails had never happened in history.

He has said, as long as I am sitting it is my responsibility to protect them.

Those who are making these accusations should think about such things.

All those involved in the Jinnah House attack will not be spared, no matter how influential they are.

They will be prosecuted and punished.

Mohsin Naqvi has said, I challenge if any policemen found involved in unethical behaviour then they will be punished.

There is no truth in the news regarding Imran Khan’s detention.