Law minister calls for constitution of full bench of SC to on matter of polls in Punjab, KP

ISLAMABAD,March 28 (Online): Law minister Azam Nazir Tarar while demanding Tuesday constitution of full bench of Supreme Court (SC) once again on the matter of election in Punjab and KP said he had earlier said the decison had come of 4-3 but the dissenting note given by two judges a day before had remvoed this ambiguity.

It is requested to court to constitute a full court bench comprising 13 judges for interepretation on the matter of election and powers of election commission.

He said this while talking to media men along with SAPM Atta Tarar here Tuesday.

He indicated that PML-N, PPP, JUI-F will become part of case regarding the petitions filed in SC on the matter of general election in KP and Punjab.

When SC had announced decision on the matter of polls in KP and Punjab we had said on that occasion the decison has come 4-3 and now the dissenting note of two judges have removed this ambiguity by two judges on Monday.

We request the sitting bench that a 13 member’s full bench should be constituted for the interpretation on the matter of powers of election commission and polls in KP and Punjab because such interpretation is must.

Advising election commission is not my job, he added. EC is independent in its decisions. It is imperative that its dignity as independent instituion should be maintined.