CEC should step down: Senator Mushtaq Ahmad

ISLAMABAD, Feb 20 (Online): JI Senator Mushtaq Ahmad has demanded of Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja to resign.
While speaking in Senate Senator Mushtaq Ahmad said Election Commission (EC) completely failed in holding fair and transparent election. CEC should step down on his failure in conducting election in fair and transparent manner.

He held this was fake election and a fake government will be formed due to election.
He said EC has committed treason. EC should apologize to the people. Public money was given to him but he could not hold transparent election.

He remarked this was done to bring to power one man. Every effort was made to bring one person.
He went on to say social media platform is closed since three days. There is nothing black in dall but the entire dall is black.
Ban on twitter is causing educational and economic loss.

He stated closing social media is committing robbery on the rights of people. All social media be restored.
The closure of internet revealed that elections were not held in transparent manner. Rigging was committed and now you are afraid therefore, you shut social media. The rights of people are being usurped.

He underlined Commissioner Rawalpindi told the details of election to some extent.
When Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman voiced protest then he was made win the election from such constituency where he was behind others. Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman showed large heart and refused to take this seat.

He alleged drug dealers were made win the election. Whoever is not Pakistani was made win the election.