China expresses serious concern over Israel’s air strike on Rafah refugee camp

BEIJING, May 28 (APP):: China on Tuesday expressed serious concerns over Israel’s air strikes on the Rafah refugee camp in Gaza which killed more than 40 Palestinians including children.

“China is seriously concerned about Israel’s military action against Rafah,” Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Mao Ning said during a regular briefing held here.


The spokesperson said that the Chinese side has noted that the International Court of Justice has issued a third interim measures order on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which explicitly called for the cessation of military action in the relevant area for the first time.

This reflects the consensus and strong call of the international community to urgently hope for a ceasefire, protect civilians, and ease the humanitarian crisis. The interim measures order should be effectively implemented as soon as possible, she added.

Terming China’s position on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict consistent and clear, she said, “We oppose any violation of international law, including international humanitarian law, and demand that all parties protect civilians and civilian facilities.”

China strongly urges Israel to listen to the voice of the international community and stop attacking Rafah and asks that the international community work together to alleviate and end the humanitarian disaster in Gaza, she added.