NDMA issues heatwave to continue for several districts of Punjab, Sindh & Balochistan

ISLAMABAD, May 23 (APP):Representative of National Disaster Management Authority Syed Muhammad Tayyab Shah Thursday said that NDMA has issued guidelines concerning the imminent heatwave expected to strike various districts of Southern Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan where conditions are likely to prevail during the current week.
Talking to PTV news channel, he said that the effects of climate change are evident in the increasing frequency and intensity of the heatwaves which have hit Pakistan in recent years.

The NDMA has also directed the concerned officials to take weather awareness measures to ensure the safety of tourists and travelers.
The farmers are advised to carry out agricultural activities keeping in mind the weather, adding, while the tourists should plan their trip keeping in mind the weather conditions of the hilly areas.
Replying a question, he said in view of heat wave and its hazardous impacts on health, people are advised to take precautions and avoid unnecessary exposure to direct sunlight.

In light of the predicted heatwave and its potential hazardous impacts, the NDMA has advised the public to take necessary precautions.
People are urged to avoid unnecessary exposure to direct sunlight, stay hydrated, and wear lightweight, light-colored clothing to minimize the effects of the heat. It is also recommended to remain indoors during peak sunlight hours to prevent heat-related illnesses such as heatstroke and dehydration.