New book ‘’ for IT profession7-Figure Agency Mindset A-Zals launched

LAHORE, Feb 26 (APP):A new book titled ‘7-Figure Agency Mindset A-Z’ by Hamid Mehmood, an IT expert and CEO of Software Pro, was launched here Monday. The book aimed at guiding new professionals regarding the IT industry and also to promote this emerging sector.

Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) President Kashif Anwar, Lahore Bar Council’s Secretary Rana Naeem, LCCI’s IT Committee Convener Abdul Wahab, Peak Solutions CEO Mudassir Naeem, and a large number of IT professionals attended the launching ceremony.

The participants praised Hamid Mehmood’s initiative in providing freelancers with a comprehensive roadmap to entrepreneurial success. The book, characterized by its structured approach and practical examples, garnered commendation for its potential to empower young IT graduates to establish their own ventures.

The ‘7-Figure Agency Mindset A-Z’ is anticipated to serve as a valuable resource for businesses seeking to scale up, offering insights on both local and international market expansion. The event’s ambience was marked by a sense of encouragement, with attendees expressing confidence in the motivational tone of the book and its potential to inspire future entrepreneurs.

Acknowledging Hamid Mehmood’s dedication to sharing knowledge, guests highlighted his role in guiding the next generation of business leaders, particularly within the IT sector. The presence of Imad Malik, Abdul Wahab, Mudassir Naeem, and other prominent figures underscored the significance of the book’s launch in the entrepreneurial landscape.

The President of LCCI Kashif Anwar extended best wishes to Hamid Mehmood for his future endeavours, while expressing gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this milestone event. The presence of such esteemed guests further elevated the significance of the book launch, marking it as a pivotal moment in the journey of entrepreneurship.

New book ‘7-Figure Agency Mindset A-Z’ for IT professionals launched