KP Caretaker Minister reviews Technical Education and Industry Training at Government College of Technology Peshawar

PESHAWAR, October 31 (ONLINE): Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Caretaker Minister for Technical Education, Industry, Commerce and Newly Merged Districts Affairs, Dr. Aamir Abdullah on Tuesday, visited Government College of Technology (GCT) Peshawar, and reviewed the curricular activities and practical training of technical education, imparting there.

On this occasion, the caretaker minister briefed regarding various departmental activities of degree courses and practical training being provided in the college.

During the briefing, the caretaker minister directed that the institution should take steps to get the International Standardization Organization (ISO) certification so that to recognize its high quality at the global level while in this regard, he instructed to fulfill all the process formalities for getting this accreditation within one month time.

The caretaker minister also directed to link the college library with the HEC digital library for the students of the college to make use of the HEC digital facility for academic and research activities.

On this occasion, he emphasized the importance of effective coordination between technical training institutions and industries and directed that the college, being the main technical institution of the province, should monitor the training activities of the students in the industries to get practical training in the final period of the degree courses. In this regard he directed that the institution should develop an app which could help in monitoring the training activities of students sent to industries through mobile and central dashboard. He also directed to activate practically this project in the next two months.

Declaring the auto lab and other modern mechanical laboratories very useful in the practical training of the college, the caretaker minister urged to use them for the income of the institution and said that the range of possible services provided by the institution in this regard should be expanded beyond the training of students and it should be used for the requirements of various public and private institutions and industries, he added.

He further said that this step will not only increase the financial resources of the institution but also will be beneficial for the potential collaboration and linking between the college and other institutions and industries as well.

The caretaker minister expressed that the institution should initiate measures to control its financial expenses and convert its energy needs to solar energy, due to the current financial situation, as, the sustainable solution to energy needs is the use of solar energy in the future. The minister in this regard, directed to expedite the work on the already approved project.

Regarding bringing required positive changes in the present syllabus of BS Civil and Electrical Technologies, the caretaker minister assured to contact the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Technical Education to take steps in terms of these technologies’ betterment.

He suggested the college management to take benefit from the labs of PCSIR Peshawar in some required practical training and make a memorandum of understanding with the said organization to use the laboratory equipment of that renowned organization.

In view of the demand for trained people in the Gulf countries, he directed to train the students of civil technology and especially quantity surveying in modern methods while also emphasized on giving importance to AutoCAD courses.

He also stressed upon the teaching through graphics and animation and suggested to use the services of expert teachers of Air University for free to introduce it in the college to increase the capacity of the teachers.

The caretaker minister highlighted the bright opportunities available for skilled people in the province and said that there is a dire need of skilled people in the province at this time, which includes skilled people of all kinds.

He said that 9 new industrial zones are being established in the province, including 3 special economic zones. Among these zones, 18 industrial units are currently being established in Rashkai Special Zone only, in which a unit for electric vehicles will also be set up, while a unit for making the latest technology will also be established in Hattar Special Economic Zone.

He clarified that our local people will be able to get employment in these industries only when they have the required skills and training, so our training institutions must train the youth to take advantage of these opportunities.

Meanwhile, the caretaker minister also visited various training workshops of the college and interacted with the students there and appreciated their training activities.