Director CCRI Multan congratulates scientists on approval of two Bt cotton varieties

MULTAN, Mar 24 (APP): Cotton commissioner and Director, Central Cotton Research Institute (CCRI) Multan Dr Zahid Mahmood congratulated the scientists on approval of many seed varieties by Punjab Seed Council (PSC) in its 56th meeting including two cotton varieties developed by CCRI Multan scientists.

Caretaker minister for trade, industry and energy S. M. Tanweer chaired the PSC meeting in Lahore with agriculrure scientists from across Punjab in attendance on Friday and gave formal approval for general cultivation of 56 new varieties of different crops including two cotton varieties BT CIM-343 and BT CYTO-537.

Dr. Zahid commended the CCRI scientists in Multan particularly those from plant breeding and cyto sections.

He said that CCRIs operating under the umbrella of Pakistan Central Cotton Committee (PCCC) have so far introduced high performing 37 cotton varieties including the two approved on Friday and would continue to strive hard to bring best cotton varieties for the farming communities.

The two varieties are heat resistant and can survive amid shortage of water, he said and added that these varieties carry a production potential of 50 Maunds per acre with proper management of crop.

He said the newly approved varieties of CCRI Multan can be obtained by farmers from the office during workng hours at the price of Rs 500 per kilogram on first come first serve basis.