China takes big swings in 6G wireless technology R&D

ISLAMABAD, Mar 09 (APP): China will step up the research and development of 6G wireless technology and launch an “artificial intelligence plus” initiative to leverage AI to promote new industrialization, the country’s top industry regulator said.

Jin Zhuanglong, China’s minister of industry and information technology, said at the sidelines of the ongoing two sessions in Beijing that more efforts will be made to promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization.

“China will moderately advance the construction of 5G network, computing power and other information infrastructure so as to better harness cutting-edge technologies to empower various industries,” Jin said.

The senior official also called for more measures to build a modern industrial system with advanced manufacturing as the backbone. Firstly, it involves rejuvenating traditional industries and facilitating their transformation towards high-end, intelligent and environmentally friendly practices, China Daily reported.

Key industries should be strengthened to maintain their competitive edge and leading position, while concurrently fostering the development of internationally influential Chinese manufacturing brands, Jin added.

“We will also build more national manufacturing innovation centers, nurture major advanced manufacturing clusters and create model zones for new industrialization,” Jin said.