Sukhan Faiz selected for PCB women panel umpires

MULTAN, Jun 13 (APP): Sukhan Faiz has been included in PCB Women’s Panel Umpires bringing an honour for Multan’s women cricketer.
Sukhan Faiz has also had the honor of playing in the Women’s World Cup 2009 in Australia.
Before her job at Zakariya University, Multan, she won medals as an athlete and cricketer.

The teams trained by her have shown outstanding performance in higher education women’s cricket. Expressing happiness over being included in the PCB panel umpires, Sukhan Faiz said that after being a cricketer and coach, she now has another golden opportunity to stay connected with cricket through umpiring. She stated, “God willing, I will strive to meet the PCB’s standards through my experience.
Now, being officially included in the PCB Panel Umpiring is a special honor for both her and her Alma metre.