Seminar on ‘Importance of Nutrients in Human body’ held at UoS

SARGODHA, Jan 27 (APP): A seminar on ‘Importance of Nutrients in Human body’ was organized by Institute of Food Science and Nutrition at Sargodha University here on Friday.
In the awareness seminar students were given awareness about modern trends in food and nutrition.

The seminar was attended by Dr. Basma Elahi from Chester University UK, Director Institute of Food Science and Nutrition Dr Anjum Murtaza, faculty members and students.

Addressing the seminar, Dr Basma Elahi said that for a healthy life, it was very important to consume a nutritious and balanced diets, while a large number of people were not aware of the nutrition value of food.

”Educating people about the consumption of nutritious foods and the quantity of food is very important,” she said.

She said that in the field of medicine, malnutrition in the human body was known as disease, while substandard food reduced the immunity to fight against diseases, which did not maintain the balance in normal life.

Dr Basma also informed the students about the rich nutritious value of food and balanced diet in order to maintain healthy life.

Director Institute of Food Science and Nutrition Sargodha University Dr. Anjum Murtaza said that we should take care of nutrition so that we stay healthy and energetic and manage life in a good way.

He said that we were aligning students with modern requirements while expanding the scope of research so that students could improve food safety, food security and nutrition practices through better research and practical experiences.

In the seminar, the students of the Institute of Food Science and Nutrition exhibited various projects in which they presented the nutrient-rich water developed in the food science lab of the university.