One dies, 168 new Covid cases reported: NHA

ISLAMABAD 23 Mar (Online): In last 24-hour one death reported due to Covid-19, whereas 23 patients are in critical and 168 new corona cases reported, National Health Authority (NHA) said on Thursday.

According to the issued statistics, 5557people went under corona testing from which 168 were detected with positive symptoms. Covid positive cases ratio was 3.02.

One person died and 23 others are in critical situation: NHA.

Only in Lahore, 1102 people went under testing procedure from which 44 were declared Covid positive, hence the Covid positive ratio in Lahore was 3.99.

In Islamabad 363 people were tested and 20 were found Covid positive. So the ratio in Islamabad was 5.51.

40 people were detected Covid positive out of 655 in Karachi where ratio was 6.11.

Rawalpindi reported only 11 covid positive out of 421 people, who went for covid testing. The ratio was 2.61.