Survivor Season 45 – Release date, cast, location and where to watch

Islamabad SEPTEMBER 22 (Online): Survivor Season 45 premieres on September 27, 2023, with a diverse cast and extended episodes.

Survivor enthusiasts, prepare to mark your calendars! The next chapter of the iconic reality competition series is just around the corner, promising new challenges, alliances, and betrayals. Here’s everything you need to know about Survivor Season 45.

Survivor Season 45 premieres on September 27, 2023, with a diverse cast and extended episodes.(X/survivorcbs)
Release date of Survivor Season 45
Survivor 45 is set to premiere on September 27, 2023, at 8 PM in the Eastern Time Zone and 7 PMin the Central Time zone, as revealed during the premiere of Big Brother 25 on August 2. Fans can expect an exciting start to the new season, followed by Season 35 of The Amazing Race.

While Survivor fans are eagerly awaiting the new season, CBS has yet to confirm whether there will be additional seasons beyond Survivor 45 for the 2023-24 television season. The network has kept fans in suspense, so this season may be the focus for now.

The cast of Survivor Season 45
This season, Survivor continues its commitment to diversity with a cast of 18 contestants, adhering to CBS’s guideline of including at least 50 percent BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of colour) contestants. The cast boasts a wide range of backgrounds, including a truck driver, a school principal, a grad student, and more.

A familiar face returns to the game, as Bruce Perreault, who was medevaced on Day 1 of Survivor 44, is back with a determination to conquer the challenges. With a diverse and intriguing mix of contestants, Survivor 45 promises to deliver a dynamic and unpredictable season.

Trailer and episode count of Survivor Season 45
The Survivor 45 trailer, which premiered during the Survivor 44 finale on May 24, offers a glimpse into the diverse personalities competing this season. From a Marine veteran to an aspiring off-the-grid farmer, the contestants have their unique stories and strategies. Some even hint at embracing the role of the villain.

Survivor 45 is expected to follow the recent format of 13 episodes, including a three-hour finale. Notably, episodes will be extended to 90 minutes, providing more in-depth coverage of the intense competition. The Survivor-Amazing Race double feature on Wednesday nights will air at 8/7c and 9:30/8:30c, respectively.

Filming location of Survivor Season 45
Survivor Season 45 was filmed in the picturesque Mamanuca Islands of Fiji, continuing the series’ tradition of utilizing Fiji’s stunning landscapes for its challenges and adventures. Host Jeff Probst has previously praised Fiji as the ideal location for the show due to its natural beauty and welcoming atmosphere.

Where to watch Survivor Season 45?
Survivor Season 45 can be watched on CBS and streamed on Paramount+. With the Paramount+ Premium plan, viewers can watch episodes as they premiere on CBS, or opt for the Essential plan to stream episodes on-demand the next day.

As Survivor Season 45 approaches, fans can’t wait to see how this diverse group of castaways will navigate the challenges, form alliances, and ultimately vie for the coveted title of Sole Survivor and the million-dollar prize.