Sahiba And Rambo Celebrate 25 Years Of Marriage

ISLAMABAD, Oct 27 (Online): Sahiba and Rambo are one of the most loved celebrity couples in the industry. They are both big film stars who transitioned to dramas quite successfully.

They both are very talented and have the acting chops to take on different characters. Sahiba and Rambo have a fairy tale love story. Rambo fell in love with Sahiba and Sahiba’s mom Nisho Begum was not too fond of this relationship. Rambo was however, confident that he would win his prospective mother-in-law over. He built a house for Sahiba and got the blessings that he was asking for.

Sahiba and Rambo got married 25 years ago in a beautiful ceremony and they are counted among a few showbiz couples who had such a successful married life. They are blessed with two sons and now their son Ahsan is also entering the field of acting. The couple celebrated 25 years of their fairy tale and it was a beautiful spectacle.