NEW DELHI, June 24 (Online): Actress, a published author who also runs a book club, Sonali Bendre wears many hats. Since her OTT debut two years back with The Broken News, Sonali has often been asked about her decision to step away from films. But as someone who sees her work on OTT as her second innings, Sonali says, “I am not the kind who lives in the past. Nostalgia is great for a while, but I tend to look forward.I like to move on. I am not the person who will hold on to the past or pine for it and say, ‘Oh my God, those days’. Yes, those days were great, you have learned so much from them, but now you will learn something more. I love to look at what’s ahead.”

Addressing the amount of pretence in showbiz and the need to remain true to oneself in this profession, Sonali says, “In what I do for a living, there is so much pretense. For me, for the rest of my life, I like being away from pretense. I think that’s what keeps me grounded, and that kind of anchors me.”

Talking about her decision to headline a web series, she shares, “When I decided to get back to fiction, I was waiting for a character like this (Amina Qureshi in The Broken News) to come along. I wanted to play a woman my age.” Sonali adds, “I feel like my life is just beginning; like this is the beginning of my second innings. Right now, I work for myself, for the joy of it. That, I think, is so important.”

Sonali shares that she has a preference for characters who have a strong voice and evoke a sense of hope. She elaborates, “In that sense, Amina’s character was strong. But more than that, I like that Amina portrays hope and is relevant. Only when you remain relevant and adapt with the times is there hope (for you to grow in life and career). If you’re not going to adapt, there is no future.

Considering The Broken News marked her OTT debut, how did she maintain the consistency of her character with a two-year gap between the seasons? Sonali explains, “I know there are a lot of actors who hold onto certain physical aspects of the character and work from there, which is an interesting way to work. But for now, understanding the inner workings of the character is what has worked for me. Where does she come from? What is her backstory? If you ask me, what is it that the character likes or doesn’t like? I would be able to tell you because that’s how I know her.”