Ishq Murshid Last Episode- Details Out

Lahore, April 15 (Online): Ishq Murshid was a sleeper hit and it gained popularity all of a sudden, all thanks to Bilal Abbas Khan’s performance as Fazal Bakhsh. The drama became a blockbuster in both Pakistan and India and the viewership is through the roof. It was dragged relentlessly after it hit the nerve of the audience and it has still managed to maintain its viewership. The drama is now moving towards its conclusion and fans are looking forward to how Shibra and Shahmeer’s story will end.

Ishq Murshid’s last episode’s date is out now and it will be out on 3rd May 2024, that is a Friday instead of a Sunday. The last episode is airing in cinemas and it will air on television in three days. Fans were quick to spot posters for Ishq Murshid’a last episode in the cinemas and many posted them online.
People are not too happy with the decision to air the drama in cinemas. They think that the last episodes should come out on television while others think that the drama lost its charm due to dragging long ago and this step is simply unnecessary.