Chunky Panday On When Shah Rukh Khan-Gauri Rented A Flat: “They Were In My House Often”

New Delhi, APRIL 19 (ONLINE): Chunky Panday has opened up about his long-standing bond with superstar Shah Rukh Khan. The actor recently appeared on Timeout With Ankit and spoke about SRK’s earlier days in Mumbai. During his conversation, Chunky Panday revealed that there was a time when Shah Rukh Khan was living with his wife, interior designer Gauri Khan, in a rented house.

The actor said, “I think one of his first friends in Bombay when he arrived was my younger brother Chikki [Panday]. They’re still the best of friends. So, at that time, they (Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan) were renting a place and they used to come to meet my brother, sab baith ke video cassettes dekhte the. So he and Gauri were in my house quite often.”

Chunky Panday added that he always believed that Shah Rukh Khan would “become a superstar”. He added, “With Shah Rukh, I was so sure this boy is gonna become a superstar. Because he had that in him, you can see that fire…He’s always had that. That talent has always been there with him before he became the superstar. So he’s very confident and he knew where he was going. I mean, yeah, of course very proud that I’ve known him since then. He hasn’t changed.”

Before this, Chunky Panday’s daughter, actress Ananya Panday, revealed that she spent a lot of time at Shah Rukh Khan’s house during her childhood. In an interview with No Filter Neha, Ananya, who is best friends with Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan, talked about going on playdates at the superstar’s house. The actress said, “I think he is just the kind of person… We didn’t feel like that. He didn’t make us feel like that. I don’t think he makes anyone feel like that. He makes the person in front of him feel like the Badshah. He has this amazing quality about him.”