Under HEC programme, 290,000 youth to be trained for climate action curriculum

ISLAMABAD, Mar 13 (APP):As many as 290,000 youth from universities and communities will be trained for the Climate Action curriculum jointly started by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and British Council Pakistan.
According to the sources, among them,60,000 young individuals will undergo specialized training under the Prime Minister’s Green Youth Movement.

In that regard, the British Council of Pakistan in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has the Pakistan Youth Leadership Initiative (PYLI) and Digital Learning Portal to support the Green Youth Movement (GYM) project.
PYLI, an integral component of the GYM project supported by the British Council, aims to empower young women and men across Pakistan with the necessary skills and knowledge to combat climate action. Through this initiative, the British Council will oversee the execution of capacity-building programmes.

These trained youth will then take their knowledge and skills back to their communities, spearheading Youth Led Climate Actions (YLAs), engaging in policy dialogue and advocacy, participating in national and international climate events, and showcasing their successful projects.
THe sources from HEC said that HEC’s commitment to youth development and climate action under the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme, highlighting the significance of initiatives like PYLI in fostering leadership and addressing climate-related challenges.