People feeling suffocated in absence of elected govt in IIOJK: Saghar

ISLAMABAD, Jun 4 (APP): General Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir National Conference, Ali Muhammad Saghar, has said the picture that was being presented of Jammu and Kashmir is quite different from the ground reality.

Addressing party functionaries in Srinagar, Saghar said that the denial of democracy and basic rights to people continues to remain a preferred mode in IIOJK, Kashmir Media Service reported on Sunday.

He said the prevailing situation in Kashmir was abysmal as people are feeling suffocated due to the absence of a popular government and the brutalities of the authoritative regime with people finding nowhere to go to resolve their issues.

Saghar further stressed that only an election to elect the Assembly could restore the faith of the people because “the bureaucratic rulers are inconsiderate and take decisions only to please their bosses in Delhi giving two hoots to the problems being faced by the common man”.