Naqash concerned over escalating anti-Muslim hostilities by India

ISLAMABAD, Apr 28 (APP): Senior All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) leader, Muhammad Yousuf Naqash on Sunday expressed great concern over the escalating hostilities towards Islam and Muslims by India, which he said was following the footsteps of Israel. In a statement received here, he said the negative portrayal of Imam Khomeini in Indian publications was a part of the RSS agenda to strengthen negative sentiments against Muslims within the Indian populace.

He lamented that despite India’s long-standing engagement in such nefarious agendas in Kashmir, the silence by world has emboldened its resolve. He said, India was now actively tarnishing unifying Muslim figures like Imam Khomeini to undermine Muslim solidarity and emphasized that Muslims must understand that India has now formally become partner of international agenda of defaming Islam and facilitating international massacres of Muslims. He highlighted the importance of countering such anti-Muslim conspiracies, adding failure to do so would not only strengthen such narratives but also make it easier for global anti-Islamic forces to implement their agendas. He strongly condemned Indian publishers and their affiliations with anti-Muslim conspiracies like RSS and urged all Muslims worldwide to play an effective role in thwarting these schemes orchestrated by India.