Kashmir issue should be resolved as per UN resolutions: Foreign Minister Jillani

NEW YORK, SEP 22 (ONLINE): Caretaker Foreign Minister (FM) Jalil Abbas Jillani has said Kashmir is very vital issue and it should be resolved as per UN resolutions.

“All the outstanding issues between Pakistan and India can come to end only if Kashmir issue is resolved, he said in an interview to Al-Jazeera TV here.

He went on to say resolving Kashmir issue as per UN resolutions is very important.

Over 7 lac Indian armed troops are there in Occupied Kashmir. While Indian security forces are involved in brazen violations of human rights therein.

He reiterated Pakistan will continue to support Kashmiris at every forum.
Palestine issue should also be addressed on priority basis for establishment of peace in Middle East.

He remarked Pakistan is among most affected countries by climate change. During the flood last year standing crops on million acres land and infrastructure was destroyed.

He held UN Secretary General extended full support to Pakistan in this trying time.