India’s arms build-up, HR situation in IIOJK threat to regional peace’

ISLAMABAD, APRIL 03 (ONLINE): Pakistan has stated that grave human rights situation in Jammu and Kashmir, massive arms build-up by India, and its aggressive war posturing directly impact regional and global peace in South Asia.
Counselor at the Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the UN Gul Qaiser Sarwani during general debate in the UN Disarmament Commission in New York categorically asserted that Jammu and Kashmir is an internationally recognized disputed territory and is not a so-called integral part of India.

The Pakistani diplomat said that his country faces a significant threat of terrorism, which is orchestrated, supported and financed by its eastern neighbor.
He underscored that the final disposition of Jammu and Kashmir should be determined by its people through a United Nations-supervised plebiscite.