Campaign to register domestic employees, tenants in full swing

ISLAMABAD, Feb 1 (APP):The campaign of Islamabad police ‘Knock the Door’ is in full swing which is aimed to register tenants as well as domestic servants and make the citizens more cautious before accommodating any person in their houses.

The police source said that the campaign has been launched following directions of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan following which the registration of employees and tenants is being ensured.

He said that police officials are going door-to-door and register house servants and tenants keeping in view the protection of the lives and property of citizens in the federal capital Islamabad.

Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Islamabad, the source said, had registered data of 527 employees and 542 houses within the jurisdiction of Margallah police station.

The purpose of this campaign is to avoid any untoward incident and maintain law and order in the city. The registration of tenants and domestic workers would help to have a close eye on mischievous elements and suspects.

Police teams led by a senior upper subordinate of each police station of Islamabad are included in the drive with a questionnaire about the details of tenants living in the houses.

He elaborated that teams comprise of lady cops the male cops while personnel of the CTD and police commandos remain ready in the police stations to tackle any untoward situation that may occur during the checking drive.

The police teams are providing a written questionnaire to the house owners to deposit their answers with the documents with a copy of their national identity card, a copy of the rent agreement with the tenant, and other documents required for the registration.

He urged the house owners to verify the backgrounds of people before giving them employment. The evil-minded elements can disguise themselves as ordinary citizens and cause damage by engaging in serious incidents like theft and house robbery. He further said that the federal capital police cared for the people and were committed to ensuring the protection to their lives and property.